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We are an online business directory for all business across Ontario.

Now in our 2nd decade, we continue to be the no1 advertising platform for many businesses. Businessmagnet is one of the most comprehensive Business to Business Directories in the UK.

In today's competitive world it is crucial for small businesses to have a website. However, just starting up a new website is hardly enough. The website has to get found by your potential customers. For that reason you will need to get listed not only on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, but also on business directories.

Ontario College of Health & Technology - Private school for massage therapy, police foundations, personal support workers, etc. in Ontario.
Canadian Business Directory - Online business directory for canadian businesses.

Rent accommodation and lodging by owners in Cayman Reef Resort. We have been matching holiday guests with private vacation rental homes, chalets, and condos for short term and long term lodging

Cayman Reef Resort #50 - Residential rental property #50 in Grand Cayman Islands.
Tabbed Tape - Manufacturing tabbed tapes from conventional tape roll.

Although the contribution of manufacturing to GDP has declined on paper, many of the services provided to manufacturers which would have once been considered part of manufacturing, such as catering; cleaning; building services, security and so on, are now allocated into different areas of the economy.

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Diamond Exchange Canda - Online diamond and diamond rings store
Spotless Stucco Removal - Offer stucco removal services in Hamilton
Reverse Osmosis Ottawa - Water treatment company serving Ottawa
3L2R Electrical Supply - Supplier in Ontario for electrial equipments
Because it is water based and built on totally biodegradable surfactants it meets the Australian standard for Biodegradability. USED IN: Degreasing engine bays, Cleaning of soot & carbon from most fibreglass and painted surfaces, Chassis Cleaner, Emulsifying grease and oil prior to discharge

Mar-Tech Mist Suppresants - Chemical supplier of mist suppresants
Windows & Doors Oakville - Listing of contractors in Oakville
Active Foot Clinic - Registered Chiropodist/Foot Specialist
We believe that small firms are the lifeblood of any local economy, generating wealth and employment for millions of people. We want to make it easier for an accurate company search to be undertaken by prospective customers.

Being a highly looked up to online business directory in UK, it provides facility to search for any services provider businesses seek. This includes finding a contractor, retailer or any other business services.